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Nikki Lissoni C1032SM


Silver Plated Coin 33mm C1032SM

A whole new concept in the jewellery market, it's no wonder that Nikki Lissoni has emerged as one of the top brands of 2012 and is tipped to go on to even bigger things in 2013. A large treasury of inscribed coins (available in silver, gold and rose-gold plating) make up the core of the collection while a selection of pendants and necklaces has been produced to allow the wearing of the coins around the neck as a token or statement. The interchangeability of this design scheme is one of the most popular facets of the Nikki Lissoni experience, just buy a necklace and a pendant to go along with your Nikki Lissoni coin collection and you have a plethora of possible neckwear, all of it stylishly striking. The wide selection of messages and designs available, alongside the reception that a present of jewellery will always receive has made the Nikki Lissoni range the first place to look for the perfect gift.


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